"They may have walked on water."

By Meghan Overdeep
September 24, 2019
Chick-fil-A Store
Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The good folks at Chick-fil-A knew just what to do when Tropical Depression Imelda's floodwaters left dozens of Houston drivers stranded (and hungry) on roads throughout the city last week.

Ryan Anthony was one of several drivers stuck on northbound I-45 just north of 610 on Thursday. He told KXXV that employees from a nearby Chick-fil-A walked through the water to deliver food to motorists stranded on the highway.

Anthony's sister-in-law Caitlin shared a photo of his emergency Chick-fil-A meal on Facebook along with a humorous suggestion for how the employees made their way through the flood.

"My brother in law is stranded from the storm on the highway in Houston. Chick-fil-A employees walked through the water and delivered food to all the cars stuck on the highway! How amazing is @Chick-Fil-A!" she wrote. "They may have walked on water considering it's heaven on earth," she concluded with a wink.

Chick-fil-A employees are no stranger to helping out in times of crisis or going above and beyond for their customers.

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It is, after all, their pleasure.