Houston Chefs Raise $14,575 to Cook Meals for Hurricane Laura Victims in Louisiana

"For us to be able to provide that support to another community—that’s what hospitality is,” said chef Jessica Timmons of Cherry Block Craft Butcher to Eater Houston.

People Survey The Damage Caused By Hurricane Laura
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Helping neighbors is in our bones. Especially now, during this period of tremendous difficulty in Louisiana following Hurricane Laura, all as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfurl across the country, many are still standing by to lend a helping hand.

Since the hurricane hit, last Thursday we've seen hospital staff go above and beyond to care for babies in the NICU at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, The Cajun Army mobilize to help in Southwest Louisiana, and volunteers from all over arriving in Lake Charles and the surrounding region to help clean up debris from the category 4 hurricane.

Now, in the latest example of inspiring good deeds, we're moved to hear about a group of Houston chefs who came together to raise money to provide meals to victims of the storm. As Eater Houston originally reported, chefs Jessica Timmons of Cherry Block Craft Butcher, Martin Weaver of Watever Fresh, Ben McPherson of BOH Pasta, and others such as Margaux's Oyster Bar and El Big Bad, launched fundraising initiative "Htown meals for Hurricane Laura relief" on Facebook.

"For us to be able to provide that support to another community—that's what hospitality is," Jessica Timmons told the outlet of their relief efforts. In just a few days, the fundraiser collected $14,575, to put towards making some 2,400 meals for those struggling after the hurricane. In addition to raising money, the chefs also accepted donations of non-perishable foods, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene items to deliver in Louisiana.

Also with their boots on the ground in Southwest Louisiana is José Andrés' nonprofit World Central Kitchen, which is providing meals and water for families in need. As Farrah, one such recipient of World Central Kitchen's kindness put it, "You see God's wrath, but then you see all the beauty behind it, which is all the people that have come out to help." Watch her touching video below.

To learn more or sign up to be a volunteer with World Central Kitchen, click here.

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We're keeping Lake Charles and all the nearby areas dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura in our thoughts right now. Let these examples of good be something for all of us to latch onto during these tough days ahead.

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