These aren't ordinary employees!

By Meghan Overdeep
July 20, 2018
Dave Rojas

It looks like Austin isn't the only Texas city with a booming bat population. About 160 miles east of Austin's famous Congress Avenue Bridge colony, upwards of 100 bats recently took up residence somewhere quite visible: on the side of a high-rise office building in Houston.

Dave Rojas, who works on the building's fifth floor, told the Houston Chronicle that he first noticed the bats in 2016. He looks forward to seeing them make an appearance near his office each July. "It seems they usually pass through here around this time of year," he explained.

This year, Rojas filmed the eerie cluster of winged mammals, and the video (below) quickly went viral. Reactions to the clip were understandably mixed. "Some, like me, think it's great to see them up close while others are grossed or freaked out by them," the told the Chronicle.

WATCH: Hundreds of Bats Took up Residence on the Side of a Houston Office Building

Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist, Diana Foss, told the paper that she thinks that the bats are likely Mexican free-tailed bats.

"Those bats look like youngsters to me, darker gray than most adults, perhaps just starting to fly," she said. "Maybe they're test flying from one place to the other."

Houston's own famous bat colony, beneath the Waugh Bridge, isn't too far away, so it's possible, she noted, that they were just doing some exploring.

Though their origin is up for debate, experts agree that the makeshift cave is an uncommon occurrence. "It's unusual to see them out, exposed like this," Harris County Public Health director of veterinary public health, Dr. Michael White, explained to Fox 26 Houston. "Usually they get under some kind of cover."

As for what they're really up to, we'll have to wait until next July to ask them.