A face to go with that very familiar voice.

Andromeda Dunker
Credit: Buzzfeed/ Instagram @manoflamantra

House Hunters fans may not know the name Andromeda Dunker, but they definitely know her voice. Dunker has been a staple of the HGTV hit show since 2009, but she's not a realtor or a home buyer and, in fact, has never appeared on camera. That's because Dunker is the show's narrator, who operates behind-the-scenes to describe all those couples and all that sweet, sweet real estate.

"I've remained in the shadows," Dunker told BuzzFeed News. "The conventional wisdom for voiceover actors is you are kind of heard and not seen. It's just kind of the way it's always been." Despite the fact that she's the star of House Hunters—she's on every episode!—Dunker just gave BuzzFeed her first-ever interview and her background is fascinating.

Named after the Andromeda galaxy by her astrophysicist mother, she grew up in Connecticut, moved to France, attended college in the Pacific Northwest, and studied linguistics. She speaks English, Chinese, French, and Russian, which, as Buzzfeed points out, explains her perfect pronunciation of all those far-flung cities featured on House Hunters International.

She ended up falling in love with drama, though, which is how she found her talent for voice- over work. She was a struggling actress and voice-over artist when she got a call from her agent about the House Hunters audition. She was visiting friends when she got the call from her agent and had just a few minutes to send off an audition tape and was forced to improvise a recording studio. "I sat in my goddaughter's room with a Hello Kitty blanket over my head and I recorded this House Hunters script audition really quickly and sent it in," she told Buzzfeed.

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The tape was a hit and Dunker now narrates between 10 to 20 episodes of House Hunters each week, as well as House Hunters International episodes. In between all that work, she auditions for other jobs, too. For now, though, Dunker is happy to be narrating the action on House Hunters. "A lot of people have told me that they watch it in the background or at night and it lulls them to sleep," she says. "I've had a lot of people tell me that I'm tucking them in at night or that I'm giving them a big hug." What could be better than that?