I'll be racking up my millions as a hat critic

Brick House with Many Trees
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

There's no denying that next to a marathon of HGTV's Fixer Upper, watching the home shopping on House Hunters is a favorite guilty pleasure. It's fun to go along with the potential home buyers as they peer at the sprawling ranch homes, cute colonials, and charming fixer uppers and imagine what they could do to make the various houses their new home. It's easy to imagine open concepts and dolled up walk-through closets and modernized kitchens, but there is one thing that House Hunters viewers just can't accept—the budgets.

As fans of the show know, and the Huffington Post pointed out, each episode seems to involve home buyers with jobs that don't sound particularly lucrative yet they somehow end up with incredibly large budgets with which to purchase their dream homes. Since when can an "artisanal pencil sharpener" or a "hat critic for a blog" afford infinity pools and four-car garages with ocean views? It's an endearing quirk of the show that they seemingly have access to endless stream of "jumbo popcorn shrimp" breeders and Tamagotchi parents with massive purchasing power and a real estate wish list to go with it. Last week, the internet rose up to point and laugh at those home budgets together, turning the laughable price tags—and even more laughable jobs—into a big joke. The joke is still going strong on Twitter, so read some of the best tweets so far and then join in the fun:

Now we'll be sitting down in front of the tv waiting to see what the next couple does for a living, and just how big their budget is. They probably won't pick the right house anyways.