Get ready for a four-alarm fire in the roof of your mouth!
Tabasco Scorpion Sauce
Credit: Tabasco

We're sending our hottest regards to the folks at Tabasco, who just created the spiciest sauce in their portfolio to date. Scorpion Sauce, which launches online today and at the Tabasco Country Store on Avery Island in Louisiana, is nearly 20-times hotter than their original red sauce.

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Created by the piquant geniuses at the Tabasco Flavor Lab, Scorpion Sauce is a powerful blend of scorpion peppers combined with hints of guava, pineapple, and the original Tabasco sauce. Y'all better brace your tongues for a bath of fiery heat!

In addition to this launch, the team also is releasing a new Roasted Red Sauce today. The Roasted Red Sauce swaps the potent scorpion pepper for tabasco peppers, which get slow-roasted over fire and combined with garlic, onions, basil, and balsamic vinegar. Both sauces are limited-edition so order while supplies last. Who's ready to tip a few drops of the new condiments into their next batch of Bloody Marys?