This can add up to $500+ for a week-long stay.
Hotel Check-In
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Looking for money-saving travel tips? Don't park at your hotel — use Parking Panda instead.

As many savvy travelers know, parking at hotels can put a major dent in your bank account, and even throw off your entire vacation budget. As Brit + Co recently reported, "on-site parking at city hotels can add up fast; some charge as much as $75 per day. In a single week, that's an extra $525!" Think of how many extra Disney World park tickets or dinners out on the town you could buy with those funds.

For some, a better option may be skipping the car altogether, but for others, that isn't feasible. Brit + Co's Krista Gray recommends looking for a nearby garage or parking spot. "Parking Panda lets you search and reserve garage parking in advance in most major cities, while lists less conventional options (such as locals who offer up their personal garage spaces or curbside spots)," Gray writes.

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Google Maps also has a neat feature where you can hit "Find Parking" after entering your driving directions to pull up convenient parking options. Another smart tip? If you book directly, some hotels may provide discounted parking fees, as Million Mile Secrets shares in a post on saving money on hotel parking.

As for us, all these $75 and $59 valet parking fees floating in our head are inspiring us to use bikes, taxis, ride-sharing services, and our own feet to get around on our next vacation. Two heels are better than four wheels, ladies and gentlemen.