"This was just for her."


Sky Howard and Clay Cameron couldn't imagine getting married without Clay's 100-year-old grandmother present. So, when her health began to deteriorate recently, they decided to bring the wedding to her.

Even though the Texas couple's actual nuptials are scheduled for New Year's Eve, they decided to have a symbolic ceremony for the groom's Granny, Charlotte Bussard, in her room at the Hemphill County Hospital in Canadian, Texas.

"We had big expectations that she was going to make it to our actual wedding date on New Year's Eve, but she started getting really sick," Howard told Yahoo Lifestyle. "Her health started going downhill."

Preparing for the worst, they decided to surprise the matriarch with an early, unofficial ceremony on May 29. They managed to keep it a secret, and Granny didn't expect a thing.

"They told her something was going to be happening, they didn't tell her what," Howard recalled. "They got her dressed, and she got to see Clay dressed up. She likes to see her grandsons dressed up, he was wearing his coat and hat—she was really excited!"

The couple kept the hospital ceremony small, with only Cameron's mother and their unofficial officiant Dr. Frederick in attendance.

"Her condition was pretty frail, we didn't want to bombard her with a bunch of people," Howard told Yahoo. "This was just for her."

Cameron told Fox News that Granny thoroughly enjoyed the surprise.

"That day, she was up and listening and surprised. Smiling the whole time," he said. "She was just tickled."

In a happy twist, the couple say Granny's health has improved significantly since their mini wedding. She's even returned to the nursing home where she's eating, drinking and "walking around."

"If she still around, she's absolutely coming [to the New Year's Eve wedding]," Cameron told Fox.