A popular flight-search app can help you pocket up to $500 in savings.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
May 03, 2018
Credit: WIN-Initiative/Getty Images

Dream of jetting off to Manhattan for a weekend getaway? How about a few days in Paris? But then there's often that moment when you look up airfare and realize roundtrip flights will set you back a serious hunk of green. There goes the daydream.

Well, not so fast. The popular flight-searching app, Hopper, has announced the launch of "Secret Fares," which will offer customers flights that are up to 35% cheaper than what you can find online. According to Travel Weekly, the app has partnered with airlines Air Canada, LATAM, Turkish Airlines, WestJet, Copa, and Air China to bring these exclusive deals to customers.

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Hopper stated in a company press release that these savings can translate to upwards of $500 on long-haul flights, and the deals are ones you "can't find anywhere else including metasearch sites." These so-called Secret Fares will include international destinations like Tokyo, Melbourne, Paris, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, and Costa Rica. "Secret Fares aren't opaque so just like purchasing a regular-priced ticket, you'll know all of the details about your flight such as the airline, departure time, arrival time, etc., before you book," the press release states. The special rates are available now to North American users on over 60,000 routes.

We're ready to hopper aboard.