This Kentucky town is the "point of greatest eclipse"

By Rebecca Angel Baer
August 21, 2017
little girl waiting for eclipse
Credit: Boston Globe / Contributor/ Getty Images

Today is the day we've been waiting for, the first total solar eclipse to cross the United States in 99 years. NASA designated Hopkinsville, Kentucky as the "point of greatest eclipse," and this designation has brought the world to this small, Southern town in the Blue Grass state.

The locals are dubbing it "ground zero" for "E Day" and have even renamed their town Eclipseville for the day. They are thrilled to be the center of attention and they are already a community that loves the folklore of extra-terrestrial connections, having already achieved a little fame for a previous U.F.O siting.

With hotel bookings and travel arrangements made well in advance, the folks in Hopkinsville were expecting a lot of visitors this weekend and there were dozens and dozens of Eclipse-themed parties. Today they are expecting to triple the size of the town's population!

As it is finally Eclipse Day the small town is a buzz with people from all over the world and businesses, parks, restaurants, just about everywhere in Hopkinsville is open for business and star gazing guests.

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By the looks of it on social media, the crowds are large and everyone is having a great time! We hope the visitors and locals alike enjoy this once in a lifetime event from this very special spot—and that they remember to wear their protective glasses!