Looks like the "snow" came a little early for the Riddle family.

By Michelle Darrisaw
November 07, 2017
Robin Riddle, via Facebook/ABC3340

For decades, ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV) has captivated audiences at home with their laugh-out-loud montages featuring everyday families and pets. In a recent Sunday night installment, the Riddle family delighted viewers and the studio audience with a hysterical video of their three sons' impromptu "snow day" at their Hoover, Alabama, residence.

Robin Riddle was in the middle of preparing breakfast when her three boys yelled for her to come upstairs.

"Next thing I heard upstairs was Cade saying, 'Mommy, there's snow,' and then I knew that we were in trouble," Robin told ABC 3340.

Since snow isn't common in the humid South and it never magically appears inside the home, Robin knew she was in for quite a surprise. So, she reached for her cell phone to document this unexpected precipitation. Just as she suspected five-year-old Cade, four-year-old Ethan, and one-year-old Jacob had indeed created their own winter wonderland upstairs, but it wasn't formed with real snow. The three boys had taken the small white stuffing of a bean bag and scattered it across their bedroom.

"Try to imagine getting all that cleaned up by myself was a nightmare," said father Christopher Riddle.

Once Robin's friends and family members saw the video on Facebook, they encouraged her to send it to America's Funniest Home Videos. A few weeks later, the Riddle family were invited to come to sunny Los Angeles, where AFV is taped.

"The people that were there with us were so kind and we were able to go to Manhattan Beach and watch the surfers, which is something you don't do at the Gulf [Shores in Alabama]," Robin said. "It was a lot of fun and I think it's a memory we'll have forever."

You can watch their prize-winning snow day in full on AFV's Facebook page here.

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The Riddle family won the $10,000 prize and is now in the running to win even more cash later in the season— $100,000, to be exact.