The origin of this town's title may surprise you.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 07, 2018
Colormos/Getty Images

Around 30 minutes from Pawhuska lies another small Oklahoma town of roughly 3,500 residents.

Welcome to Hominy, the Osage County town in Northeastern Oklahoma you may never have heard of, but likely already appreciate its name. As Southerners, many indeed assume Hominy got its namesake thanks to a local love for dried corn kernels. Considering the South has no shortage of fanciful and humorous names — like Burnt Corn, Alabama; Greasy Corner, Arkansas; Whynot, North Carolina to name a few — it doesn't take a big stretch of the imagination to guess how Hominy settled on its moniker.

As it turns out, Hominy's name doesn't represent what many may think, though. The name actually comes from the Osage tribal leader Ho'n-Mo'n-I'n, reports The Oklahoman in a recent article. "Ho'n-Mo'n-I'n" translates to "Walks in the Night," which we're guessing didn't have as catchy a ring to it.

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Given that Corn, Oklahoma was settled near a cornfield, and accordingly received its name, we don't blame you for thinking Hominy may be the Breakfast Capital of the Sooner State. And after a meal of Cowboy's hash browns, an omelet, and grits at local favorite, Hominy Diner, you may very well think it is.