Ready to beat the crowds and score new inventory?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 14, 2018
Homegoods Storefront
Credit: Steve Heap/Getty Images

Peruse through Christine Lee's instagram account, @homegoodsobsessed, and you'll instantly become, well, HomeGoods obsessed. Featuring shots of gorgeous tchotchkes, furniture, and of course, plenty of coffee mugs, it's difficult to imagine leaving the store without an entirely new home decor scheme after scrolling through her feed.

Unfortunately, for HomeGoods shoppers (though fortunately for the company), the store tends to attract a lot of visitors on a similar mission. So when is the best time to plan your shopping spree? According to Lee, there's a sweet spot for hitting the aisles: "If your schedule allows it, Tuesday through Fridays middays are the best time to shop at HomeGoods," Lee tells The Kitchn. "Everyone is at work and the store is quiet and well-organized. The staff also puts out new inventory these days and the aisles and floors will be filled up. Monday is recovery day (from the weekend), so I don't even bother."

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Well, now we simply have to test-drive this strategy and head to our local outpost of the Framingham, Massachusetts-based company. Time to spruce up our porch decor — we'll be back and porch-party ready in two hours.