Hoda Kotb Shares Inspiring PSA for Parents Who Are Struggling Right Now

Hoda Kotb is leaning heavily on the encouraging words of psychologist and Raleigh native, Dr. Emily W. King, PhD.

During these unprecedented times amidst the coronavirus pandemic, being a parent has become exceedingly difficult with colleges, schools, and day care centers shuttered around the country. Sometimes, it can feel hard to even take a deep breath and possibly know how to juggle it all. The answer: Nobody knows how to juggle it all right now—and that's okay.

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Leave it to Hoda Kotb, inspiring quotes enthusiast and mama to two girls ages 3 and under, to present us with exactly the words of wisdom we so desperately need right now. In the below post, Kotb shared the manifesto of psychologist Dr. Emily W. King, PhD on parenting amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and we can't get her message out of our heads: "Parents: What we are being asked to do is not humanly possible. There's a reason we are either a working parent, a stay-at-home parent, or a part-time working parent," King begins.

"Working, parenting, and teaching are three different jobs that cannot be done at the same time. It's not hard because you are doing it wrong. It's hard because it's too much. Do the best you can," the note continues, reminding us all that it's okay that we're not superheroes. "When you have to pick, because at some point you will, choose connection. Pick playing a game over arguing over an academic assignment. Pick teaching your child to do laundry rather [than] feeling frustrated they aren't helping...If you are stressed, lower your expectations where you can and virtually reach out for social connection. We are in this together to stay well, that means mentally well, too."

Read these motivational words above? Now read them again. And again. Then, maybe send the post to five or so parent friends who are struggling alongside you.

We may be apart, but it's true we're all in this together. And we can only hope that on that beautiful day when we all can congregate together once again that having endured these hardships will make life that much sweeter.

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