They solve such a common problem.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 19, 2018
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your reading glasses? That's about to change. With the giddy excitement of a pre-schooler, Hoda Kotb introduced a new pair of reading glasses on the TODAY show yesterday, and we're antsing to get our hands on a pair.

"You're not going to believe these. If you need readers just to read a book, look at these. These are called Bunny Eyez," Kotb says beside her colleague Jenna Bush Hager for her weekly Favorite Thing segment. "Have you ever been reading something and you're watching TV at the same time, and you have to go like this," she continues, motioning with the up-and-down tilt of her head. No more. "Look at me, I'm reading, I'm watching TV, I'm reading, I'm watching TV!" Kotb marvels with much gusto.

Bunny Eyez were designed by two sisters who had an aha moment while getting their hair colored and realizing their reading glasses weren't well-suited for the experience. So they went ahead and invented a design that did it all — and pivoted its way through the hair salon, reading in bed, cooking dinner, TV watching and reading simultaneously, and more.

"Our unique, patent pending design features proprietary black diamond hinge technology, which enables wearers to put their readers on in the traditional way — or flip the temples for an entirely new experience," the website explains. Currently Bunny Eyez are available in five styles for women that each retail for $27. Bunny Eyez Guyz are coming soon.

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Who's ready to hop on over to Bunny Eyez and pick up a pair? Heck, we may very well pick up two pairs so we have one to stash in our pocketbooks at all time.