The sapphires really make this ring a stunner.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 27, 2019

In case you missed it, Hoda Kotb is engaged! One of our favorite TODAY show anchors and her boyfriend Joel Schiffman are going to be husband-and-wife, and we couldn't be happier for the sweet couple.

Earlier this week, Kotb chatted with PEOPLE about her new hardware, which features a large diamond, shrouded by sapphires and a band covered in more diamonds. The endearing star gushed to PEOPLE, "The diamond part is square and around it, it looks like a stop sign. And it’s blue on the edge. Sapphires? I don’t know. But I love it."

To select the perfect ring for his wife-to-be, Schiffman turned to Kotb's friend, jeweler Jennifer Miller, for assistance in creating the perfect design. "What touched me so much about this ring is that he thought about it,” Kotb said “And he thought about what I might like. He went to [Miller] and they were sharing things back and forth unbeknownst to me. He was giving her ideas.”

Even more than the beautiful ring, Kotb loves the thought that Schiffman put into dreaming up the perfecting piece for her. “It’s a beautiful ring, don’t get me wrong. If it was anything I would have been 1000 percent equally as happy — but the fact that he cared over the course of months to try to figure it out — I just assumed if it ever were to happen that he would have gone to a store and bought one. It’s beautiful," said Kotb.

Once the stunning ring was completed, Schiffman proposed to Kotb during a tropical vacation, as they were enjoying an oceanfront dinner. The two share toddler daughters Haley Joy and Hope Catherine, who they haven't yet told the happy news.

We know it's a long-shot, but here's to hoping that TODAY airs at least part of the couple's nuptials so we can see this beautiful duo tie the knot. Congratulations to the happy couple on this exciting journey.