Plus, Kotb reveals the couple's wedding plans.
Hoda Kotb Emmy Awards
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It's been an exciting time for Hoda Kotb. Last year, the TODAY show anchor adopted her second daughter, Hope Catherine, and became engaged to her boyfriend of six years, Joel Schiffman. Now, it appears the TV personality is showing no signs of slowing things down in the new decade—and that may mean another baby.

On a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Kotb spoke candidly to Ellen DeGeneres about potentially growing her family and plans for her wedding. In the segment, Kotb first recapped her sweet engagement story before revealing details about her upcoming nuptials. "I think we're gonna do it in the fall," she revealed. "Super simple, like no big deal, we'll bring some friends, we'll probably be on a beach somewhere."

Later in the clip, DeGeneres inquired if Kotb thought she'd have more kids or not. With a mischievous grin, Kotb commented, "I don't know, I'm not 100[%] sure. I'm a sign person. I look for signs. and I feel like there are signs out there that are pointing to..." she trailed off, adding, "I'll tell ya, I was scribbling in my journal and I was asking myself that question and I wrote in there 'I'm wondering if we should' and I wrote 'do we have enough love?' and I wrote 'yes;' I wrote 'do we have enough time?' and I wrote 'yes;' and I said 'would our family be more enhanced?' I wrote 'yes.' So I was thinking, maybe the answer is 'yes.'" Visibly emotional, Hotb continued, "Plus, when you're parents later in life, watching Haley and Hope together, all I really want is for them to have someone to hold their hand...forever. That's it."

Watch the full clip below.

Back on TODAY following The Ellen Show segment, Kotb was pressed further by her fellow anchors on the potential for baby number 3.  "I think we're thinking about. I keep seeing stories of kids who don't have what they need. It keeps popping up. Every time I turn around there's story, and I'm like 'is this another sign?'" Kotb said.

Carson Daly then jumped to the chase, asking, "on a scale of 1-to-10, 10 being 'absolutely yes' where are you in that discussion?" "We're pretty up there," Kotb replied, holding back a smile. While we don't want to jump to conclusions, it certainly seems like an exciting time in the Kotb-Schiffman household.

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Hoda Kotb really is quite the super woman, juggling a busy career and parenthood with ease and grace. We can't wait to see what the new decade brings for your sweet family. What an inspiration to us all.