Watch Hilton Head's Unofficial "Deer Whisperer" Rescue a Trapped Baby Deer

"It truly was a beautiful moment."

Deer Rescue
Photo: Kristin Griffis

By the time Kristin Griffis arrived at the Public Storage facility behind Park Plaza Cinema on Hilton Head Island on the morning of January 18, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office had already been notified.

A baby deer was trapped inside, and it wasn't moving.

The deer was scared and exhausted, Griffis recalled to WJCL. It couldn't walk and onlookers were concerned that it was injured.

"I needed to call Daisy," she said.

Daisy Bobinchuck, who works with Critter Management and runs "Charli's Critters," a charity animal rescue organization named after her daughter, is Hilton Head's unofficial deer whisperer. And she knew just what to do.

"When I got there, I just carefully and quietly went up to the deer," Bobinchuck told the local news station. "The deer was very scared. I held the deer and got it into a sitting position. I examined the deer and could not see any wounds and could not notice any visible broken bones. The cement floor in the storage facility was very slippery—the deer could not walk well on the floor."

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What happened next was captured in a three-minute video (below) Griffis shared on Facebook.

Cradling the crying deer in her lap, Bobinchuck speaks softly to the animal while gently sliding her toward the doorway. "My sweet girl," she can be heard cooing. "You're OK. You want to go find mommy?"

Deputies watch as she makes it to the door. Carefully she brings the baby deer to its feet. As if by magic, the animal uncrumples its legs and scampers away towards the woods.

"It was the best feeling ever when that deer bounded out of my arms and safely into the woods," Bobinchuck told WJCL. "The smile on my face at the end of the video shows the happiness in my heart for this deer."

"It truly was a beautiful moment," Griffis added.

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