A social media sensation on Coligny Beach.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 21, 2017
Credit: Shannon Rose O'Shea/Getty Images

Tourist season may be wrapping up in Hilton Head, but there's a new—larger-than-life, in fact—draw to visiting the popular vacation destination.

Indeed, the circumstances certainly are somber. As Hurricane Irma pummeled through Florida, Georgia, and parts of South Carolina as a tropical storm, it wreaked havoc throughout our region. Now, a silver lining from the destructive storm has appeared on Hilton Head in the form of a Coast Guard buoy.

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Giant, bright red buoy number 8 weighs 13,000 pounds and came ashore Monday, September 14th. Originally situated at the mouth of Port Royal Sound, heavy winds of upwards of 60 mph carried the buoy to the shores of Coligny Beach. Due to its size, the Coast Guard is looking into airlifting it the eight miles back to its post via army helicopter.

Currently, the massive spectacle is drawing hordes of beachgoers to pose for a photo. Of course, Number 8 will have to return to its job shortly so it can continue to help boats navigate safely through the ocean. For now, though, the much-needed smiles its providing onlookers with is certainly a break in the clouds.

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