Walking through the theme park will never be the same.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 20, 2017
Mickey Mouse
Credit: Kim Kulish/Getty Images

Every trip to Disney World delights us in new ways. Maybe it's an encore trip on Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride. Maybe it's your first Christmas at the Magic Kingdom. Or how about simply spotting your first batch of hidden Mickeys?

Wait, what? If you're new to the concept of hidden Mickeys (we were too), it turns out, there's a whole world of Mickey Mouse-shaped details all around the park for you to discover. While some are obvious, many require a close attention to detail to find.

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As a recent This Is Insider piece on Disney World pointed out, "[there] are hidden Mickeys almost everywhere you turn." To find these playful spectacles, you'll have to look closely, but there's no shortage of places to spy the iconic character. Some of these lurking Mickeys come in the simple form of three circles (like a display of plates or cleverly twisted rope coils). The silhouettes are designed with the larger circle to reflect Mickey's face and the smaller two above representing his ears. Some are more sophisticated and created out of flowers, tiles or are actual paintings of the character.

To help novice spies and accomplished Mickey detectives alike, there are even books and apps by Hidden Mickey Hunter, Steven Barrett. Of course, you can also simply rely on your vision and Disney World savvy alone to bring to life this secret layer of magic. Whether we're zooming along on Splash Mountain or wandering through Epcot, we're so excited to keep our eyes peeled and jot down our findings on our next trip.