Get those tissues ready, y'all!

Deaf Hickerson Elementary Custodian
Credit: Facebook/Hickerson Elementary

Kindergarten students at Hickerson Elementary School in Tullahoma, Tennessee had the sweetest surprise for a deaf custodian this week.

Mr. James, who has worked at the middle Tennessee school for 15 years, turned 60 on Tuesday. To celebrate, the school's two kindergarten classes joined forces to sign the "Happy Birthday" song to the beloved janitor.

The school shared a video (below) of the students' adorable surprise performance on Facebook, which has quickly gone viral. The emotional clip shows Mr. James' progression from shock to pure joy.

Hickerson Principal Jimmy Anderson told KATV that the kids "love Mr. James."

"Mr. James teaches the kids sign language every now and then, teaches them good manners and how to treat other people," Anderson said, adding that he is a good role model for the children.

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Mr. James, who has been with the Coffee County School District for 30 years, told KATV that the students' gesture "touched his heart."

So, is someone cutting onions in here or what? Sheesh!