Move over, Nicholas Sparks, real love comes from watching Fixer Upper, House Hunters, and Property Brothers.
Chip and Joanna Gaines: Fixer Upper
Credit: HGTV

While the world is populated with books, apps, articles, and helpful family members filled with advice on how to find true love, turns out all it might take is turning on the TV. That's according to a (dare we say genius?) writer over at Mashable who believes that the secret to finding the ideal mate is to find someone who shares your love of HGTV.

The author makes an eloquent argument that HGTV fans are curious about the world and care about other people, two traits most people want for a potential life partner. As she writes, "If you're capable of getting invested, even if just for 30 minutes, in the mundane choices that strangers on TV make about their homes, think about how good you'd be at caring about someone IRL."

Watching hours of Flip or Flop and Love It or List It can help you assess whether you and your future spouse have the same values, priorities, and, for what it's worth, aesthetics. For instance, if your partner thinks that putting in the hours of work to transform a two-bedroom house with a fugly turquoise bathroom and no dining area into an open-floor plan home with an infinity pool and skylights throughout is worth the effort, that bodes well to a willingness to worth through life's problems. Similarly, if one small zoning issue (or ventilation problem or sewer line issue) derails a project and your potential partner says they should throw in the towel and buy a condo, that says a lot about commitment.

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In short, quit watching The Notebook every single time it comes on TV and find yourself someone to laugh at those ridiculously high budget of the couples on House Hunters with you.