We applaud their in-flight viewing choice.
The Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott
Credit: Courtesy of HGTV

The White House might be one of the most exclusive properties on the planet, but someone there can't stop watching the Scott brothers renovate real estate—at least when they're flying on Air Force One.

As Refinery29 pointed out, reporter Jon Lemire, who covers the White House for the Associated Press, was on-board the president's plane when he noticed something unusual—someone had set all of Air Force One's televisions to automatically record all the episodes of Property Brothers. Yes, that means someone on the president's plane is a big fan of Drew and Jonathan Scott and all their real estate improvements.

The guest list for Air Force One is quite limited, so there are only a few people who could have hit record on the plane's DVR. The list of potential HGTV fans include members of the press to White House staffers to a member of the Secret Service or perhaps a foreign dignitary. That said, the Trump family has been known to have an interest in real estate, so maybe they pick up some tips and tricks from Property Brothers just like the rest of us.

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Now that the Associated Press is on the story, perhaps they can tell us whether Air Force One also records Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, and House Hunters International?