At 116 years old, it’s clear that Hester Ford is doing something right.

The Charlotte resident, who holds the title of oldest living American, has 48 grandchildren, 108 great-grandchildren, 125 great-great-grandchildren, and even possibly even more wisdom.

When asked about her secret to longevity, the supercentenarian told The Charlotte Observer, "I just live right, all I know."

But Ford's granddaughter, Mary Hill, told Yahoo Life she believes that her granny owes her long life to more than that. She says she's a testimony to the idea that, if you live a life guided by faith, God will take care of you. "She is just reaping the benefits of the seed that she's already sown," Hill explained. "She taught us to live by faith, not by sight, and always know to help others."

"I'm living for the Lord, hun," Ford confirmed.

After surviving the 1918 flu pandemic, two world wars, and the civil rights movement, it's clear she's doing something right.

Hill reiterated that it's her grandmother's strong Baptist faith that's kept her around for so long.  

"She says her scripture every day," she told Yahoo Life. "She prays at 12 o'clock every day for our family and she says the 23rd Psalm, John 14 and the Lord's Prayer every day."

But all that's not to say that Ford isn't at peace with what comes next. She said she's ready to "go home," but accepts that the timing is out of her hands.

"The Lord ain't ready for me yet," she mused.