Hellmann's Surprises North Carolina Bride and Groom with Mayo-Themed Wedding Reception

What better way to celebrate a couple with the last names Helms and Mayo?

Mayonnaise Wedding
Photo: ZoLu Photography

Congratulations are in order for Marissa Helms and David Mayo!

The happy couple were whisked together in holy mayomony on October 24 in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

As is appropriate for a bride and groom whose last names evoke Hellmann's mayonnaise, the socially distanced nuptials featured various nods to the emulsified condiment thanks to the mayonnaise brand.

According to The Takeout Helms and Mayo shared the good news with Hellmann's while planning their wedding. In response they surprised the couple with a Hellmann's-inspired wedding cake from local bakery Gateaux, matching his-and-hers jackets, and a year's supply of mayonnaise.

Hellmann's Mayonnaise CakeZoLu Photography
ZoLu Photography

"From the very beginning of our relationship, we always said that it was destiny that brought us together. And with our last names Helms and Mayo, it was just another sign that we were meant to be," the couple told Fox News. "Having Hellmann's as part of our wedding day was really special, and the custom cake and jackets were such a fun surprise. They even matched the blue and yellow wedding theme—our favorite colors!"

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Helms is currently studying to take the LSAT, and Mayo is an architect and owner of Studio MAYO Architects in Chattanooga. They met through mutual friends in 2015.

"We were immediately drawn to each other," they told Fox.

Best wishes to the happy couple. May they live forever in creamy bliss!

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