Tucker's Live From the Troubadour is out October 16.
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Tanya Tucker
Credit: Derrek K Upish

In 1972 at only 13-years-old, Tanya Tucker catapulted into the spotlight with "Delta Dawn," and she hasn't stopped amazing us since. This October 16, Tucker debuts her latest live album Live From the Troubadour and she takes the amazing factor to heights previously unseen. To boot, a portion of the proceeds from the concert album—recorded on October 16, 2019 at the famed West Hollywood music club, The Troubadour— will help benefit the venue, during a time of tremendous struggle for the live music industry amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

"These venues have supported us for all these years, but the Troubadour just happens to be a real iconic one because the Eagles and Elton John basically got started there. A lot of great talent has been inside those walls. That's the thing: they've ​kept us going​, kept me going when nothing was going," Tucker told Southern Living when we caught up with the country artist for a recent episode of our Biscuits & Jam podcast. "And I think it's payback time...I just wanted to come out with an album that kind of ​extends myself so to speak with my fans…give them something to listen to but all at the same time, support these venues that have always supported us." Listen to the full Podcast episode—in which Tucker talks about cooking, her childhood, and more—here.

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Thankfully, to tide us over until the album comes out next week, Tucker and her team have released "Delta Dawn" for fans to listen to now. Kicking the familiar tune off with a soulful rendition of "Amazing Grace," Tucker then launches into an emotional, heart-stirring version of the 1972 hit with enough poignancy in her warble to knock over a cornfield. As crowds cheer and sing along spiritedly throughout the performance, it's an especially moving cut of the song given that the coronavirus pandemic has robbed us of the life joy that is live music with a family of strangers. Listen on YouTube below.

Time to lace up our sneakers, throw our headphones on, and listen to this track again and again until a little bit of that mansion in the sky bleeds into our humble place on earth.