Crime show lovers, rejoice.
Perry Mason Set Still
Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

You know that feeling, it's Sunday night. You've finished dinner. You put down your book for the evening. Oh, could you go for a thrilling crime series to help you wind down during that last sliver of weekend magic. Wait, it's Sunday, you think. You've got just the suspenseful show in mind to join you as you sink into your couch under the bulk of your weighted blanket. What are you tuning into? Perry Mason on HBO, of course.

The reboot of the wildly popular 1950s and 1960s CBS series premiered on HBO earlier this summer, chronicling the life of Perry Mason, played by actor Matthew Rhys, in 1930s Los Angeles before he becomes the renowned criminal defense lawyer. In the action-packed show, Mason swaps his attorney persona for a career as a private investigator, trying to solve the kidnapping of a baby. (Read more on why the series isn't the courtroom drama fans expected here.)

While the first season is yet to wrap, we're thrilled to learn now that HBO has renewed the series for a second season, per a press release from the network's parent company, WarnerMedia.

"It has been an exciting journey to work with the immensely talented team behind Perry Mason," said Francesca Orsi, Executive Vice President, HBO Programming, in the media statement. "Viewers have relished being transported back in time to 1930s Los Angeles each week, and we are thrilled to welcome the show back for a second season."

We're guessing HBO's swift move to make a renewal announcement was inspired in no small part by the show's reception—Perry Mason debuted as HBO's most-watched series premiere in nearly two years, and as of press time, eight million viewers have seen the first episode.

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Though no further information was released on when we can expect to see season 2 hit our TV screens, it's safe to say it will likely be a while as filming has halted or is at least delayed amid the coronavirus pandemic. We suppose this is the nudge we need to dust off our Erle Stanley Gardner collection and dive into his famed Perry Mason books, which gave us these incredible television series in the first place.