"Please re-evaluate your life choices and stay indoors."
Police Officer Drinking Water
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The heatwave currently gripping Texas is so extreme that local law enforcement officials have been forced to take dramatic action.

It's apparently so hot in Harris County that police there have gone so far as to ban criminal activity until further notice.

"Due to the ongoing extreme heat the Precinct 4 Constable's Office is requesting that all criminal activity for the week be suspended until further notice," Harris County Constable Mark Herman wrote in a Facebook post Monday.

"We're asking all those would-be criminals and repeat criminals planning nefarious activities, & those committing crimes out of sheer boredom, to please re-evaluate your life choices and stay indoors," the now-viral post continues.

In lieu of criminal activity, Herman offered four police-approved indoor activities:

  1. 1. Read a book
  2. 2. Build a blanket fort
  3. 3. Go see the new Lion King movie
  4. 4. Organize the pantry

Herman isn't joking. According to Click2Houston, today is day six of 100 degrees or hotter in the Houston area, with feels-like temperatures anticipated to reach upwards of 108 degrees.

Gary Chatelain, a National Weather Service meteorologist based in Shreveport, Louisiana, confirmed the danger of extreme heat with the Associated Press. "You are more likely to develop a heat illness quicker in this type of weather, when it's really humid and hot," he explained.

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Stay safe out there!