Let's get lost in Brookfield or Cedar Cove for a while.

Times are tough, the news is harrowing, and the majority of Americans are hunkered down in our homes as the coronavirus outbreak forces schools and businesses to shutter. We need a safe way to relieve our stress and escape for a little while. This is a need our friends at Hallmark understand and are ready to answer the call.

First, they announced that our weekends will have a healthy dose of Christmas cheer for a while, and now they have decided to give us all a month free on their streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now. In a statement released today, the kind folks at Hallmark have recognized that they too can help us through this crisis and by bringing Christmas movies back to our TVs and free access to their streaming site, they can "provide feel-good entertainment and forge a sense of community and connectedness."

They are also adding some new offerings on Hallmark Movies Now to improve our mental states and our hearts as this pandemic continues. "The service, which is now doubling up on its popular Christmas movie offerings, features hundreds of hours of feel-good Hallmark series and movies. Those interested in signing up for the offer may visit https://www.hmnow.com/sign-up."

If that weren't enough, they have one more gift for the readers.

"Hallmark Publishing is offering a free eBook version of A Country Wedding on HallmarkPublishing.com, in addition to hosting a virtual book club about the novel on Facebook. Moreover, the company will offer a $0.99 eBooksale for seven popular titles at all eBook retailers. Titles include, Love by Chance, Country Hearts, The Story of Us, A Simple Wedding, Love at the Shore, Beach Wedding Weekend, and Love on Location. More about Hallmark Publishing's robust catalog of paperback, eBook, and audiobook offerings can be found here."

We don't know about y'all, but we are thrilled to turn off the news for a little while and escape to Cedar Cove, or Brookfield, or to just an endless marathon of Christmas movies on loop.