We totally understand


North Carolina born Hallmark star Jill Wagner now lives on a farm in a tiny town in east Tennessee. She is Southern through and through. But, to film her popular Hallmark series, Mystery 101, Wagner often finds herself far above the Mason Dixon line. Very far indeed as this series, as well as many other Hallmark movies are filmed in Vancouver, Canada. As we Southerners know, it can sometimes be hard to find our favorite Southern staples when we are away from home. And well, some things we just cannot do without.

For Wagner, her must-have Southern creature comfort is one we totally understand. "I don't travel with food but when I get here, I always try to find grits," Wagner recently told Southern Living on a phone call from set in Vancouver. "It's not as easy to get grits in Vancouver as it is in Tennessee, I can tell you that. I stock up on my grits."

She also added that when she heads out on a film shoot, she requests housing with a kitchen. "My husband travels with me and he likes for me to cook. It feels normal to us when we're at our home away from home." Along with the grits, some other Southern favorites grace their dinner table from time to time. "Now I try to stay away from the biscuits and gravy, but you know, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do," she said with a laugh.

Wagner also divulged that her go-to treat is cookies. But she admitted to us that all-the-way homemade isn't necessary. "I like Pillsbury. I like the roll of Pillsbury cookies. I've always liked them ever since I was little. Those are my favorite. I don't care if you give me some gourmet cookie that is like $50.00 a cookie from some big chef. I just always like the roll of dough, Pillsbury dough. The chocolate chip cookies are always the best to me and it's a lot easier than making your own most of the time."

We get it Jill, we do. Shortcuts lead to warm, delicious cookies much quicker. And we have Hallmark movies to binge!