We have never thought of this before.
Chadwick Boyd Solo Shot
Credit: Hallmark

We just celebrated Halloween, but we know that like us, most of you are already in full planning and prepping mode for the holidays. It's ok to admit it that you're already watching Hallmark Christmas movies around the clock while planning your holiday menus. It's also time to start shopping for gifts as some major deals have already been rolled out. But as you're getting ahead with the holiday shopping, think beyond your gift list.

Chadwick Boyd, co-host for Hallmark Drama's Christmas Cookie Matchup told Southern Living that we should all be thinking ahead about the most important ingredient for those Southern Christmas cookie baking sessions—butter. Yes, that's what we said. Butter.

"To get ready now for the holidays, I suggest stocking up on good butter. I always look for butter when it's on sale and stock pile it in the fridge."

What a smart idea! We do love a bargain and we all know that the best cookies require a generous amount of butter.

Boyd also had another great suggestion to help plan the list of sweets you'll make this season.

"I also ask special family members, like my little nieces and nephews or my sisters, what kind of cookies or other baked goods they would like to have during the holidays. Then, I start to make my list of what baking recipes I will make through the holiday season. It's a special touch, and makes loved ones feel cared for and represented."

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Catch more expert tips from Chadwick Boyd and his co-host Emily Hutchinson when Hallmark Christmas Cookie Matchup premieres on Hallmark Drama November 13th. We cannot wait to watch this one of a kind baking competition show that pairs America's best home bakers with our favorite Hallmark stars!