Plus, an updated version of the "Countdown to Christmas Fantasy Game," A.K.A fantasy sports for Hallmark movies!

Hallmark Channel Holiday Movie App
Credit: Crown Media

A mug of hot chocolate and a bowl of popcorn aren't the only things you'll want by your side for this year's Countdown to Christmas bonanza on Hallmark Channel. This time around, Hallmark is not only serving up more movies than ever, they're also releasing two new smartphone apps to make your annual viewing experience even more magical.

First, 2018 brings a new version of the "Countdown to Christmas Fantasy Game," an interactive experience that invites viewers to create and manage weekly teams of the Hallmark holiday movies they think will generate the highest ratings. That's right y'all—it's fantasy sports for Hallmark movies!

According to a release, the "Countdown to Christmas Fantasy Game" spans ten rounds of weekly voting. Each week, players can manage their teams and earn bonus points by participating in Hallmark holiday movie trivia speed challenges. One $500 MVP winner will be crowned each week, and one extra lucky player will take home a grand prize of $20,000.

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And that's not all. We're particularly excited about Hallmark Channel's brand-new "Countdown to Christmas Movie Checklist App"— the ultimate viewing guide for all 37 holiday-themed original movie premieres. The app will give users the ability to create reminders, watch trailers, and keep track of all the holiday goodness Hallmark has to offer.

Both digital installments will be available on both iOS and Android devices beginning October 26th.

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