Hallmark's "Spring Fever" lineup kicks off on March 16.

Hallmark Flip That Romance
Credit: Crown Media United States LLC/Ryan Plummer

Spring is just a few weeks away, and we're thrilled to reveal that the promise of sunshine and warmer weather is bringing with it a whole new crop of Hallmark Channel movies.

To celebrate the season, Hallmark announced that it will debut six (!) brand-new romantic films as part of its "Spring Fever" lineup. The new movies will air on Saturday nights at 8 p.m. from March 16 through April 20, so plan accordingly.

The heart-warming new movies have a little something for everyone, including one love story inspired by home reno shows and another romance that sparks over a rescue dog. Scroll down for a taste of what's to come!

Flip That Romance

March 16

The festivities begin with "Flip That Romance," a movie about a pair of house flippers. Jules (Julie Gonzalo) and Lance (Tyler Hynes) were once a couple but broke up while flipping a home together. Now each owns half a duplex and they start a flipping contest. Word of the "dueling duplexes" reaches the editor of Innovative Designs, who offers the winner a magazine spread. But when a storm kills the power, and Lance and Jules work by candlelight, their romance rekindles, only to get snuffed out when Lance hires a painting crew without consulting Jules. Hopefully while renovating their duplex, these two can flip their romance as well.

Love to the Rescue

March 23

Single mom Kate (Nikki DeLoach) and single dad Eric (Michael Rady) have both promised their kids they could adopt a rescue dog named Bruce. After agreeing to joint custody for a month to determine which home will be best for Bruce, Kate is forced to face her fear of falling in love again when she develops feelings for the handsome dad.

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A Brush with Love

March 30

Jamie (Arielle Kebbel) struggles to balance her dream of painting with the reality of such a difficult career choice. When she is selected to exhibit in a big art festival, however, her desire to paint is reawakened. Her dream of finding the perfect man is also about to become a reality, when Jamie is courted by a handsome businessman, and must choose between him and Max (Nick Bateman), her best friend's brother.

True Love Blooms

April 6

Vikki (Sara Rue) runs the community garden, threatened by Chace (Jordan Bridges), a developer who wants to replace it with condos. After various efforts to convince the other to abandon their plans, they remain at a stalemate. Hopefully they will find a way to overcome this hurdle and find true love.

Bottled with Love

April 13

Abbey (Bethany Joy Lenz) is a career-focused executive from Boston who writes an anonymous letter admitting her desire to find love, puts it in a bottle, and tosses into Boston Harbor. Months later, the bottle washes ashore in Maine and is discovered by Nick (Andrew Walker), son of the CEO of the company Abbey works for. When Nick is called home to help with his father's company, he decides to contact the mystery woman with the only information he has—an email. Without knowing each other's identity, Abbey and Nick begin an online relationship, while at the same time, they're butting heads on a work project.

Easter Under Wraps

April 20

Marketing director at Cavendish Chocolates, Erika (Fiona Gubelmann) goes undercover to see why sales have declined and learns from handsome chocolatier Bryan (Brendan Penny) automation has replaced quality. Later, at the museum, Erika is saddened to see the replica of the Cavendish egg, and is inspired by Bryan's Easter egg sketches to go retro and bring back the legendary confection! Excited, the two pitch the idea to board members, who know Erika is undercover. Too bad Bryan sees her photo at a Cavendish event, and feeling duped, wonders if he should accept a job offer from a rival company.

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