Well, considered our Saturday nights in May booked!

By Meghan Overdeep
April 23, 2019
Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Jeremy Lee

Summer may still be a few months away, but that isn't stopping the Hallmark Channel from turning up the heat—and our excitement!

As part of their latest seasonal tradition, the "Countdown to Summer" television event, the network is not only re-airing their most popular summer flicks, they're also premiering four brand new ones. That's right, four new Hallmark movies are on their way!

Set your DVRs, because the first film is scheduled to debut on Saturday, May 4, with another premiering every Saturday for the rest of May. Here's a look at what Hallmark fans can expect:

Paris, Wine & Romance

Premieres Saturday May 4

Isabella (Jen Lilley) is the new owner of her family's Oregon winery who enters a prestigious wine competition in Paris. Upon arrival, Isabella meets her biggest competitor, Jacques (Dan Jeannotte), from one of the world's foremost winemaking families. Impressed by Isabell, a budding romance develops between them. However, as the results are revealed, Isabella believes Jacques badmouthed her wine. When Jacques discovers what upset her, he seeks to win her back, even if it means abandoning his beloved winery.

A Feeling of Home

Premieres Saturday May 11

Host of a New England web series, Abby (Jonna Walsh) is set to launch her own line of home products. But Abby's roots are actually in Texas, and now she must return to her dad's ranch to help him. Surprised to find her former boyfriend Ryan (Nathan Parsons) is the ranch manager, Abby is soon swept up in their old chemistry. Torn between her Texas roots and her New England aspirations, Abby must decide where she belongs.

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Sailing Into Love

Premieres Saturday May 18

Biology teacher Claire (Leah Renee) is busy juggling her duties as bridesmaid to three friends, as well as teaching a summer class at Blue Island. Claire learns that the sailboat used to ferry to her students has been sold to a former Navy man, Captain Tom (Chris McNally), with the stipulation that he continues to sail the class to the island. Claire's life gets complicated when she learns her ex-boyfriend works for the developer intent on building a resort on Blue Island.

Love in the Sun

Premieres Saturday May 25

When dating app creator Alana (Emeraude Toubia) gets engaged, she returns to her hometown in Florida to deliver the news to her dad. While there, she crosses paths with her former flame, Kai (Tom Maden), and finds herself falling in love with the fun and adventurous lifestyle tied to her community. As Alana and Kai help restore her dad's declining property, Alana finds herself torn as to whether or not her current way of living makes her happier than the community that raised her.