Hoda Kotb Shares the Sweet Reason Her Daughter Haley Joy Celebrates Two Birthdays

"The day she was born, the day she was born to us."

Hoda Kotb, Haley Joy Kotb and Savannah Guthrie
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Hey, if Queen Elizabeth II can celebrate two birthdays, us regular folks deserve a shot at double the fun, too.

Well, reigning co-queen of the TODAY show's ever-peppy and delightful fourth hour, Hoda Kotb, also toasts her daughter's birthday twice a year — for a very special reason. As she discussed in a recent segment with her co-host, Jenna Bush Hager, her adopted daughter Haley Joy enjoys twice annual celebrations in her honor: "Haley has two birthdays," said Kotb — who's also the mom to 22-month-old Hope Catherine — to Bush Hager. "The day she was born, the day she was born to us."

This year, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Kotb is trying her best to practice acceptance and make things less stressful on her and her family, so she admitted Haley Joy will be teaming up with a classmate for a socially distanced outdoor gathering in the park for the first of her birthday celebrations.

As she explained it to her co-host, "So I did something that was totally lazy. I'm gonna confess it right now: So someone at school sent one of those group emails to the parents: 'Hey, it's my son's birthday. Would everyone like to meet in the park?' Well, it happens to be Haley's, too. So I'm like this...can I piggyback on that?" And she fired off an email to the group suggesting they make it a double celebration. "So now we're all going to the park. I'm so excited!" she admitted.

With all the turmoil the world has unleashed upon this year, we're all for doing anything and everything we can to make things easy-peasy. With two joyful birthday bashes to enjoy each year, we hope Haley Joy has a ball at each.

Watch the full video clip on TODAY's website here.

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We love this beautiful tradition that Kotb has created for Haley Joy (we're guessing Hope Catherine gets two days of merriment for her birthday each year, too). It's hard to argue with double the cake and fun.

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