An Olympian in the making, ladies and gentlemen!

A Texas man is receiving perfect scores for an impromptu "gymnastics" routine going viral on social media.

Guy Bell told Fox News that he was feeding his family's horses at the Will Rogers Range Riders in Amarillo when he spotted his daughter practicing her balance beam skills on a wooden fence. Impressed by the youngster's athletic display, the cowboy felt inspired to test his own abilities.  And boy are we glad he did.

Clad in a cowboy hat and boots, Bell gestured dramatically to the nonexistent judges before hopping on the fence and striking a comical pose. While his father filmed, the unlikely gymnast jumped, spun, pranced, and finished off the routine with a (nerve-wracking) cartwheel off the beam.

"I handed my dad my phone and say hey dad watch this. Did my little routine and the three of us watched the video and we all got a good laugh about it and I thought, I think I'll post it," Bell told Fox.

The video took Facebook by storm, raking in 12,000 likes, 42,000 shares, and 1.1 million views to date.

Bell told KXAN that he never expected his goofy performance to go viral, but he does hope it sends an uplifting message during these trying times.

"Enjoy every second you have with the ones you love because life is flying by and that's the fun thing about most of my stuff is, I've got somebody in my family around me. My dad is always filming. It's a family thing. We have a lot of fun together," he said.

Somebody get this man on a podium!