These tips can shave so much time off your trip to the supermarket.

Woman and Grocery Cart
Credit: Katrina Wittkamp/Getty Images

We all want to be as efficient as possible at the grocery store. Somewhere between adding bananas and impulse browsing the cereal collection, however, we lose all track of time. So how can we make the most of our grocery shopping excursions?

Jimin Song, a Vallejo, California-based full-service shopper for grocery delivery service Instacart, has more than a few tricks up her sleeve to help us all out. Below, five savvy tips for having your best, speediest grocery store trip ever.

1. Review the entire shopping list before you start shopping.

That way, Song says, " have an idea of all the sections of the store you need to shop." Preparation is power, y'all.

2. If you're picking up something from the deli, go there first.

Sorry, baking section beeliners. "Write everything you need from [the deli] on a piece of paper and tell them you'll be right back to pick it up. While they're working on that order, grab everything you need from the produce section!" explains Song.

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3. Grab your heavy, bulky items first.

"If you're picking up a lot of heavy cleaning items or beverages, shop those at the beginning so they're on the bottom of your cart, and grab another cart if needed," says Song. This strategic move will make things a lot easier as your cart gets fuller.

4. Ditch the cart in the produce department.

"In a busy produce section, set your cart off to the side. It's easier to move in and out a lot faster without a cart," advises Song. P.S. Love fruits and veggies? Here's why grocery stores spray water on produce.

5. Assist your cashier.

"When finishing your trip, help the cashier bag your items so the checkout process goes a little quicker," recommends Song. Besides, lending a helping hand is the Southern way.