Meet Mochi, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy with a mission.

By Meghan Overdeep
January 24, 2020
Credit: Facebook/Macon Funeral Home

Mochi doesn’t realize it yet, but she’s meant for great things.

The two-and-a-half-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is the newest member of the team at the Macon Funeral Home in Franklin, North Carolina. When she’s not napping, this cute little ball of fluff is training for a very special role as the funeral home’s resident grief therapy dog.

Mochi is currently being socialized by her owner, office administrator Tori McKay. As she explained in a blog post on the funeral home website, McKay has been dreaming of having a dog at the funeral home for 10 years. Thanks to its loyal, affectionate, and gentle disposition, a Bernese Mountain Dog was an easy choice.

“There is just so much research to support the benefits of having animals available during times of grief, and our community is very much in need of grief support,” McKay explained.

She went on to note that Bernese Mountain dogs usually live to be about six to eight years old, and she wants those years to be meaningful for Mochi.

“I want her life to hold as much purpose as possible,” McKay wrote.

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And even though she’s still very new at her job, little Mochi is already making a difference to grieving families. And she’s just getting started.

When she’s a little older, Mochi will head for more training in Asheville. But in the meantime, the funeral home is encouraging visitors to stop by and meet her, “she loves making new friends!” they wrote on Facebook.