We love the meaning behind this sweet moniker.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a name! After asking South Carolinians for help naming their newborn female giraffe, Greenville Zoo has announced a winning moniker for the adorable youngster: Kiden.

Kiden was chosen from 249 submissions by giraffe fans old and young. Pronounced "ky-den," the name is African in origin and means "female born after 3+ boys." Alicia Grubel, from nearby Greer, submitted the winning entry.

"We love giraffes," Grubel said, pointing to her daughter who was wearing a pink giraffe outfit, at the zoo's news conference last week. "We're forever grateful to the Greenville Zoo and we'll always have a place in our heart."

Kiden—all 6-feet, 2 inches, and 157 pounds of her—was born to proud mama giraffe, Autumn, on January 31, 2018. Kiden is Autumn's first daughter.

Coincidentally, Grubel was also the winner of the naming contest for Autumn's third son Kiko in 2013.

"We're all pleased to see the calf making great progress from the time of birth onward. She has been nursing very well and Autumn is being very attentive to her," Dr. Nikolay Kapustin, deputy zoo administrator and veterinarian said in a statement. "It's very rewarding to have another member added to our Masai giraffe group at the zoo to share with our guests and help interpret further our wildlife conservation messaging and initiatives."

Greenville Zoo is also home to burgeoning Houdini, Kumar, a 12-year-old Sumatran orangutan.