Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

By Meghan Overdeep
February 29, 2020
Great white shark with fish
Credit: cdascher/Getty Images

The great white shark party that’s been raging off the coast of North Carolina for the better part of this month has shifted, experts say.

Satellite data from the nonprofit OCEARCH shows that the majority of the group has moved on to the area between Myrtle Beach and Charleston. Seven great white sharks are now “pinging” in that region, while two remain off North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, The State reports.

The Carolinas are on the sharks' path between their fall aggregation sites up north and their winter foraging area off the Southeast Coast. While it’s normal for great white sharks to be there, experts are calling such a large, cohesive grouping of the predators an anomaly.

As for what they’re doing? Well, they’re feasting, of course. In fact, scientists refer to this area as the NASFA Region, which stands for Northwest Atlantic Shared Foraging Area.

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“It’s actually a really, really great sign for the region because when you have white sharks moving in there it means that the system’s balanced and abundant,” Chris Fischer, OCEARCH founder, told WWAYTV3.

The social sharks range in size from nine feet to nearly 13 feet. The biggest weighs in at an eye-popping 1,420 pounds.