"Not a dry eye in the house."

By Meghan Overdeep
January 18, 2018

When her grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer just a few weeks before Christmas this year, Madeline "Maddie" Smith knew exactly what she needed to do.

Anticipating that her grandmother, Frances Jones, who lost her husband to heart failure four years prior, would need a lot of support to get through treatment, Smith came up with a brilliant way to make sure she felt like he was by her side along the way.

"It has been a very hard time for her, not only because cancer is a hard thing to battle but also because my grandpa is not there with her," Smith told Little Things. "They had a remarkable love. He proposed on their second date and were married for 56 years when he passed about four years ago."

So, with the help of her aunt, Smith sewed one of her grandfather's old shirts into a homemade blanket and surprised her with it on Christmas. Not surprisingly, Jones broke down in tears the moment she saw it.

"Put a lot of blood sweat and tears into making this for my grandma (mainly blood bc sewing), but her reaction was worth it all. Not a dry eye in the house," Smith wrote on Facebook alongside footage of Jones opening the gift. "Although it never gets easier to not have my grandpa with us anymore, I hope she can find strength being ‘wrapped in his arms.' I love you mawmaw."