Heat-and-serve grits: Yay or nay?

Bowl of Grits
Credit: kirin_photo/Getty Images

Before you call blasphemy on "microwavable" and "grits" going hand and hand, you may want to try Gracious Grits, a line of heat-and-eat grits out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

As First Coast News recently reported, Jacksonville Beach native Bill Cissel is the owner of RP's Fine Food and Drink, which doles out some of the finest grits around. Now, you can enjoy the "Southern in Seconds" dish and buy their grits at Publix, Food City, Lowes Foods, and Ingles. The grits are currently available in original, cheese, and bacon versions. Watch Cissel's full interview with First Coast News below.

Of course, microwaving grits is not something everyone likes to do. Many home cooks love the slow-and-soothing process of stirring up a creamy, cheese-flecked pot from scratch and wouldn't dream of tapping a few buttons on the microwave to yield a bowl of the goods.

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We hear you on the scratch-made cooking front, but on busier days, Gracious Grits are certainly worth a try.