It had nothing to do with style.

Grace Kelly Wedding Dress and Veil
Credit: Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

We could ooh and ahh over Grace Kelly's wedding dress—and "other" wedding dress—all day long. But part of what made her wedding day look so jaw-dropping was her magnificent veil.

When Grace Kelly wed Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, she donned a now iconic 360-degree sheer veil with dazzling embroidery. So, why, exactly did she sport the unique headpiece? As Caroline Picard explained in Good Housekeeping, "As an A-list movie star, Kelly's wedding was no small affair. She wore a specially designed veil that kept her face as visible as possible to the 600 guests and estimated 30 million viewers watching from afar." Even more, the veil featured another detail you might miss on quick glance: "Appliqued lace motifs around the edges included two tiny lovebirds," noted Picard. Royals don't miss a beat, right?

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Considering that approximately ten people a month still Google "Grace Kelly veil replica" decades after the couple's 1956 wedding, it's safe to say the bridal accessory is timeless—like so many other elegant details on their special day.