How amazing would it be if the style icon had a larger role?
Grace Kelly
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We're still recovering from all the drama from the third season of The Crown. That means two things: Endless reruns, and scouring for information about the fourth season of the hit Netflix series to tide us over until it arrives. While there's no set premiere date for the show's fourth season, filming is underway, and we now have a lead that Grace Kelly may appear on season four of the show.

The sleuths over at Town & Country have shared their convincing theory that Grace Kelly may make a cameo on the show. As Caroline Hallemann reports,  the series' cast and crew were recently seen filming at Winchester Cathedral in "somber costumes," during what appeared to be a reenactment of Lord Mountbatten's funeral in 1979. The article also points to an Instagram post (below) which featured programs for Mountbatten's memorial service, as spotted by a presumed tourist to Winchester Cathedral.

So what's the Grace Kelly tie-in? Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco attended Mountbatten's London funeral. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean Kelly will appear in the season, but Town & Country notes that "an actor on set was spotted wearing a similar ensemble to Prince Albert's funeral attire," and since the Prince and Princess of Monaco were seated next to Prince Albert, there's good reason to think we could see these married monarchs on the episode as well. You can bet we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more hints that we'll get to see Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly in the upcoming season, whether it's in a brief cameo or even a larger role. And we're already wondering who might play the American born princess.

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Excited for the next season of The Crown to get here already? We know season three only recently hit Netflix, but we're already eager to see how things continue to play out in the House of Windsor.