It's a shell of a ride.  

GoPro Turtle
Credit: Youtube/The Fish Whisperer

The thought of strapping a GoPro to the back of a turtle wouldn't occur to most people, but Kyle Naegeli isn't like most people. The young man from Katy, Texas, is a bona fide marine star.

Naegeli, who calls himself the Fish Whisperer, has been sharing videos of his unbelievable encounters with freshwater sea creatures (like fishing with a power drill and petting a catfish) for more than six years, and has amassed more than half a million subscribers to his YouTube channel along the way.

His recent adventure documenting the underwater life of a red-eared slider turtle, however, is already one of his most popular videos, raking in more than 10 million views in just one week. The nearly four-minute clip (below) offers a rare, albeit murky, glimpse at the frenetic goings-on beneath the surface of a serene Texas pond.

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The GoPro catches muddy encounters with other turtles as well as local catfish and bass as the GoPro-equipped turtle goes back and forth eating shad from Naegeli's hand. At one point, another turtle managed to beat our shelled star to a snack, and it topples backward into the water dramatically.

You better believe we're waiting anxiously for the next installment of GoPro turtle!