Instagram less, live more.
Google Digital Wellbeing
Credit: Courtesy Google

It's no secret that we spend a lot of time on our phones. Eye strain, "text neck," finger pain, social media addiction, and lack of — you know — living the life in front of you and not through a screen, are all not-so-fun side effects of our smartphone obsession.

Those are just some of the reasons that Google unveiled Digital Wellbeing earlier this year, a series of features and technology enhancements to encourage you to keep tabs on your tech usage and disconnect from your phone and other devices.

Now, this marks the first week that Google is rolling out the Digital Wellbeing features for all Pixel users to try. Some of the features include the new Dashboard, to track your app usage (read: a detailed and harrowing dashboard of your daily minutes clocked on Facebook and Instagram), how many times you unlock your phone throughout the day, and more; timers that let you set a usage limit on apps, and Wind Down, where your phone goes into Do Not Disturb mode and your screen shifts to greyscale to make it less captivating.

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For now, you can download the Digital Wellbeing beta on Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices. In the coming months, Google will push out the update to all Pixel devices.

Now, BRB, that Yoga for Text Neck video isn't going to unroll the mat and stretch for us (yet).