Watch This Good Samaritan Carry a Struggling Senior Citizen to His Car in Texas

Not all heroes wear capes, y'all.

Good Samaritan Carries Struggling Old Man
Photo: Facebook/Clint Groom

When Clint Groom stopped to get gas at a QuikTrip in Haltom City, Texas, back in April, he didn't expect to witness a real-life superhero perform an incredible act of kindness before his very eyes.

Groom was sitting in his car in the parking lot when he noticed an old man struggling to make his way to his vehicle. When a younger man, dressed in what appear to be blue hospital scrubs, approached the elderly gentleman, Groom pulled out his phone and began filming.

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At first, the unidentified good Samaritan simply offered the struggling old man his arm. When that didn't work, the younger man can be seen offering to carry him. In no time, the elderly man is scooped off his feet and whisked away to his car—smiling the entire time.

After returning the senior to the ground in one piece, the mystery man made sure he was okay, said goodbye, and walked back to the convenience store.

Now if that's not heroic, we don't know what is!

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