Your favorite TV gal pals in 1,000 pieces.


There are few things better than an afternoon spent watching reruns of Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose sharing sage life advice and trading barbs with each other.

The Miami-based retirees gave us seven entertaining seasons of flashy, and, downright, outlandish outfits, fearless commentary on taboo subjects, and some of the most mouthwatering cheesecakes you ever did see. These four strong ladies were the epitome of girl power, and they made us all thankful to be a friend. Fortunately, devoted Golden Girls fans don't have to sit on the couch anymore waiting for syndicated episodes. Amazon is making it a lot easier (somewhat) to spend time with the beloved saucy seniors—in puzzle form.

The 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle is available for just $14.95 on Amazon, and as seen in the picture above, it features the face of each of the female leads. And the best part—besides the price, of course—is that you'll have a keepsake canvas portrait to hang once you've completed the puzzle.

A little bit of nostalgia right at your fingertips, you'll enjoy putting this one together. And with so many interlocking pieces, the puzzle also offers a bit of a challenge mixed with fun. Don't believe us? Take it from the wise-cracking and sassy Sicilian Sophia Petrillo: "Fasten your seatbelt, this ain't gonna be no cakewalk!"

Buy the Golden Girls jigsaw puzzle here and the new Clue-inspired board game.

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The next time you find yourself traveling down the road and back again, pack this puzzle to keep you and the kids busy (and entertained)—just in case your vacation plans are ruined by bad weather this summer.