Who ate the last piece of cheesecake? What item did they accidentally leave as evidence? Where did they do it?


Family game night is about to get a lot more fun. Game retailer USAopoly has just announced a new version of the classic whodunit board game, Clue, based on The Golden Girls.

Players can choose to play as Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, or Sophia (dibs on Sophia!) and then compete to uncover the mystery that lies at the heart of the game. There are rumors to spread, suspects to name, and distractions to cause.

If the idea of a Golden Girls murder mystery sounds familiar, that's because it's based on one of the best episodes of the show. Back in season 7 on an episode titled "The Case of the Libertine Belle," Sophia, Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche attended a murder mystery weekend that turned deadly, but also brought us classic lines like Blanche saying, "I'm from the South. Flirting is part of my heritage."

The board game is set inside Blanche's Florida bungalow with the action moving from the kitchen to the lanai to Blanche's bedroom (and she'd be the first to tell you that there was a lot of action in that room). The game swaps out classic Clue's rope and candlestick for more Golden Girls appropriate items like a bathrobe, Sophia's purse, and a can of hairspray.

The Golden Girls themed fun doesn't end there—the company is also releasing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a portrait of the roommates.

The game and puzzle aren't officially for sale yet, so there's plenty of time to pick up a cheesecake to eat during your next family game night.