Each bucket comes with food, water, personal care items, a bible, and personal note.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 05, 2019

When natural disaster strikes, God's Pit Crew is at the ready to deliver food, water, and personal essentials — and a special dose of TLC.

Following a catastrophic EF4 tornado pummeling through Alabama on Sunday, the Danville, Virginia-based organization immediately mobilized to help get their "Blessing Buckets" into the hands of those who need them. Along with bottled water, ready-to-eat food, and necessities like flashlights with extra batteries, Band-Aids, toothbrushes, and more, each five-gallon bucket is topped off with a bible and a personal note of encouragement.

"Please join us in continuing to pray for those in Alabama who were impacted by yesterday's devastating tornadoes. We have been working with our ministry partner, Operation Compassion, to deliver Blessing Buckets to Lakeside Church in Opelika, Alabama, today, with additional buckets and supplies arriving later this week," the organization wrote in a Facebook post on yesterday afternoon on Monday, March 4th.

Since that post, God's Pit Crew has updated Southern Living that they have sent several hundred Blessing Buckets to the areas impacted the most in Alabama by the tornado. The organization's founder, Randy Johnson — who has been in constant contact with people on the ground who are monitoring the situation — will also be flying to Alabama tomorrow to determine the best next steps for their relief efforts.

Beyond delivering Blessing Buckets and additional relief supplies, God's Pit Crew also deploys volunteers for weeks at a time to clean debris and pitch in to help out with equipment like chainsaws and heavy-duty tarps for damaged roofs. Following a natural disaster, they also find at least one family (typically two) to build a brand new home for when the individuals impacted otherwise couldn't. "The families chosen are those that do not have the means to rebuild on their own. The homes are given to the families completely free of charge, and they are beautiful!" Johnson told Southern Living. "It is highly probable that home(s) will be built in Alabama in the coming months."

Below, two photos from a home given to a family in Burgaw, North Carolina whose home was destroyed by Hurricane Florence.

God's Pit Crew
God's Pit Crew

Those interested in helping can make a gift at godspitcrew.org/donation. If you live in the Danville, Virginia area, the organization also offers a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Watch the full WDBJ7 news clip below.

If you're looking for assistance in locating a loved one after the tornado, visit the designated page from the Red Cross here. If you're looking for housing or can offer displaced neighbors or relief workers a place to stay, Airbnb has activated its Open Homes program — get the information here.